The History of Rubber Ducks

The exact date of the first rubber duck is unknown, but it is believed to be in the early 1800's. Rubber ducks were first made of hard rubber and did not have a squeak. A traditional rubber duck is yellow. They were first made around the time that other rubber toys were developed.

Rubber ducks became hugely popular in the USA when Ernie (a Muppet from Sesame Street) sang Rubber Duckie. Rubber ducks have achieved iconic status in the USA.

Variations of rubber ducks have developed, including devil ducks, Santa ducks, dead ducks and a range of different coloured rubber ducks.

Rubber ducks have become collectors items. The Guinness World Record for the most rubber ducks is 2,587.

one eye duckA dead duck

devil duckA devil duck

Top Selling Ducks

Classic rubber duck
Classic rubber duck 1.25
Bath Ducks set of 3
Bath Ducks set of 3 1.99
Elvis Duck
Elvis Duck 2.95
Luv Duck
Luv Duck 4.99
Duck Toothbrush Holder
Duck Toothbrush Holder 4.99
Space Duck - The Astronaut Duckie
Space Duck - The Astronaut Duckie 5.90